After Effects

Products that require the end user to interact with the ‘Editable’ scenes of the Product.

An example of a Template is a “Logo”, where the author has given the end user the options to edit the Logo and title.


The scene is an extended version of the footage . Unlike video footages, you get a source file that you can use as part of another project.

They can contain both the editable part and be provided as is.

Regular License

  • Use in a free single end product
  • 1 User Per License
  • Unlimited Personal Projects


You can create 1 commercial project that is distributed for free ( for example, show it on YouTube) or an unlimited number of personal projects. Each new commercial project requires a new license.

Extended License

  • Use in a single end product that can be charged for.
  • Number of free end products 3
  • 1 User Per License


You can create 3 commercial projects or 1 project for viewing which is charged money. For example, video content that you have to pay to view.

What you cannot do with After Effects Templates or Scenes:

  • Create stock images/template/footage using the Template or Scenes
  • Manipulate the Template or source scenes ( 3d model, huds, effects etc) source files and claim it as your own
  • You cannot embed a template in a website and allow its users to interact with the template and create their own content.

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