Search Engine for After Effects

Search Engine is a dynamic template for after effects. Tells about the search for a person on a digital trail. The project contains 3 scenes, a planet, a city, and a file search.

  • Features for Prereneder
    • Data type: image, text/icons
    • Plugin required: Optical Flares
    • 4 Footage include(3 Earth(region: North America, Europe, Asia), city(by stardust))
    • Modular structure
    • 6 image/title folder
    • Image in preview not included
  • Features  Main version
    • Data type: image, text/icons
    • Plugin required: Element3d (for city), Stardust(for earth setup), Optical Flares
    • 3 Earth footage include (region: North America, Europe, Asia)
    • City footage from stardust included but i recomandate use E3d version
    • Earth have 2 version (v1 and v1.1)
    • Modular structure
    • Image in preview not included

Stardust city

Difference in the versions of the planet

version 1version 1.1