Linear Cloner

Clones instances along the axes, each subsequent clone is positioned relative to the previous one, as in the array modifier. But this does not apply to rotation and size, they apply an uniform value for all.


Center – positions all the clones relative to the center.
Amount – number of instances
Position X/Y/Z – clone’s position
Rotate X/Y/Z – Rotate

Scale – Scale
Pick Instance – If you need to use 1 instance type on each vertex. It will not work when the duplication mode is enabled.
Duplicate – The mode in which the node duplicates each instance. See the example below.

How to use
Motion Node Linear Cloner 1
Motion Node Linear Cloner 2
Instances are positioned relative to a relatively empty object, as in the array modifier
Motion Node Linear Cloner 3
There are 4 instances and they are connected to another linear clone with a count of 12. In a normal situation, you will get 12 instances and you will not be able to manage individual instances. But by enabling the duplicate option, you will already get 48(4*12) instances where you can control each one separately.
In Action